Months Later and Still Doing the Cha-Cha

Ladies and Gentlecats!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, hasn’t it?

I took me a while to realize this, but in order to better serve you, I had to do some work on myself.  When I first started posting, I was trying to figure out what to say to you, Reader.  Though I had fun writing the blog and reaching out to others (even as far as Africa), I also felt that I was two different people at the moment.

Let me explain: the person posting was confident, self-aware and pretty much far removed from the trauma at hand.  But the person I really am is angry, sad and is still wondering why all this happened to me.  Sometimes, those two people struggled to find a voice through those posts.Worse than that?  I began to feel that I was sending out mixed messages to people.  How can I tell you to have faith and hope when mine was dimming?  Who was I to tell you to trust when that’s one of my main hurdles–even as I write this?   Maybe I’m projecting a bit, but my gut feeling told me that it was time to take a break from The Possible World.  So that’s what I did.

And now I am back and most definitely in effect.

After taking my hiatus, I realize that people were still reading my stories months after I began posting.  I didn’t even realize how much I missed writing and communicating with other bloggers and other people until now.  I logged in, only to see that people continue to like my blog.  Everything I write is being searched for and referred to other readers.  That alone helps me keep going and it shows me that, as long as I keep being honest with myself–and accept where I am–everything else will work out.  The words will spread and I would be doing my job as a blogger.

And–to me–that’s all that matters.

In other words,  it’s good to be home.


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