Quit Tellin’ People Your Business: Explicit Revealing and Possible Triggers

“Loose tongues are worse than wicked hands.”

Jewish proverb

Dear Readers,

I was reading some of my earlier posts and something in my head clicked.

I reveal way too much.

I do not apologize for what I say or do because it’s my truth and I cannot live in the dark anymore.  Nor do I want to go back to that darkness, not matter how loud it calls my name.  However, I sometimes forget who I am writing my stories for and why I am writing them to begin with.  I created this site to be of service to others who endured trauma by showing them that they are not alone.  I wanted to show you in my own way, Dear Readers, that I have known what you have gone through–thus providing an outlet not only for you but for myself.

Yet, after reading my last entry, I don’t know whether I triggered someone or made myself look like an immature child who just wants everyone to know my truth.  Sometimes I can go too far without even realizing it. I believe I only write in an explicit manner because that’s the only way I can even describe what happened to me and what I experienced.  I want you to understand the pain, hurt and rage I feel towards my Aunt Jean and the confusion I still deal with when I see healthy people living stable lives.  Though my life is a hell of a lot stabler than it used to be, I would be lying to you if I said I felt like an adult.  I do not and that’s just the way it is for now.  However, it doesn’t mean that I can just write anything without keeping the trauma victim in mind.  I’m not going to edit myself, but I will have to place a disclaimer before each quote.

 With that being said, I added a disclaimer in the “Home” entry–the one that explains what the site is for.  That way, you and others will know what they’re getting themselves into.  Also, I want people to be comfortable enough to post on the page and leave comments.  As I said before, this page is not only for me to tell my tales, but to share yours as well.


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