Hope You Like It–Our New Home for The Possible World

Hey Gang,

After just only a sliver of thought, I pretty much decided I’m done with Blogger.  I found it’s only useful for those who want to write about their own experiences.  I can only write about myself for so long, People, before I become bored.  And when I become bored, stupid shit happens.  Plus, I want this page to become a community for people who have been through trauma or knows someone who has.  When a community is built, no one feels alone.

I was inspired to make the move after talking to Aunt Becky, one of my favorite bloggers.  She has a website called Band Back Together that reaches out to everyone–those who have been traumatized, those who have children with rare illnesses, resources for those who will benefit from it, so on and so forth.  This woman is my hero as far as being honest about what she has been through, yet has a snarky humor so awesome she would make Daria Morgandorfer blush.  I only wish to reach her level as far getting the word out about trauma because this issue is no longer a secret–and won’t be treated as such–if we talk about it and share stories.  Secrets are what our Dark Passengers live on.  This is my way of keeping my Dark Passenger at bay.

With all this being said, this is where you will feel safe.  I feel that–with WordPress–I can get somewhere and reach to others.  I hope you enjoy your new home.  This is your place as well as mine.

May the Schwarz be with you.


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