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  1. The Possible World–Life After Traumatization is a blog/community dedicated to helping those who have suffered from trauma. I created this blog because I could not find a blog specifically for those who were sexually abused or traumatized in other ways. When I did find something, the content was informational and scholarly. Yes, that information is extremely beneficial, not many of them spoke to someone like me: someone who’s snarky, playful, humorous, and very single, yet is very aware of the pain and suffering associated with trauma. And–since I couldn’t find what I was looking for–my Creator gave me the idea to build what I was looking for.

    Hence, The Possible World was born for your reading pleasure.

    But–as you can see–this site is not only for me but for everyone. Not only will I share my stories, there’s a menu for you to stare yours as well (minus the bonfire and S’mores…loves me some S’mores without the marshmallow). Also, there are pages for both resources AND links. And lastly, Gang, there is “The Magnificent Talent Show Gallery” to post pictures, videos, creative writing and random stuff if you want to–not only to meet others but just to have a place to post pictures of our sexy selves. If you wish to have pictures, videos, writings or whatever else in the Gallery section, just email me at davisoctavia68@yahoo.com and I’ll upload it for you.

    Before you proceed, Dear Reader, I have to tell you that what I write is explicit and may be a possible trigger for you. I will keep in mind to tone it down without undermining my own Truth. Sometimes I can go too far. If I do, please let me know.

    I hope you enjoy the site, for it’s yours as well as mine. If you have any questions or concerns, just give me a holla!

    May the peace be with you and all that,

    Meeka (a.k.a. Shermeekaflies)

  2. Ladies and Gentlecats!

    “The Possible World” is now on Facebook! I just created a community page for the blog so PLEEEEEEEESE like it. Because I just created, it’s a bit bare. But more will be revealed! Trust.

    Thanks for all your support for the blog. I feel truly blessed.


    Meeka (a.k.a. Shermeekaflies)

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