“The Possible World” is a community blog dedicated to connecting with those who have suffered from trauma and mental illness. I created this blog because I not only want to do my part to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness and trauma, but I truly believe that the powerful experiences of survivors (and those who know them) will play a role in helping readers heal.

In addition, there are resources available to read as well if readers are interested in learning about mental illness and trauma.  I’ll be adding more, but please feel free to let me know of any books, articles, films, and so forth so I can post in to the appropriate section.

Lastly, I am now accepting submissions for The Possible World.  The entry can be in essay form, an art piece, story, poem, a video (with a link) or any form of expression.  I only ask that you remain honest because your experience will affect others.

If you (or someone you know) have an experience to share, send the entry, brief bio, and photo (optional) to shermeekam@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy the site, for it’s yours as well as mine.

Take care and thank you for your support in advance.

Shermeeka Mason (a.k.a. Meekaflies)